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Update #2022.01.15


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- You can now receive D-Grade coupons for completing first class transfer
- Fixed issue with cloak wings sometimes disappearing.
- Added new accessories to Beauty Shop.
- Added further improvements to captcha.
- Account Panel now allows you to write character name that will receive L2Coins.
- Fixed recharge of items you can purchase in clan halls.
- Fixed issue with monsters teleporting to target when woke up.
- Added further fixes to fear skills.
- You can now send mail every 5 seconds instead of every minute.
- Corrected position of Premium Chat Box, when system message window is hidden.
- Festival of Darkness score is no longer registered automatically, you need to do it by talking to Festival Guide.
- Registration to Festival of Darkness is now open every 20 minutes instead of being available all the time.
- Completely reworked Festival of Darkness.

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