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Streaming Rewards


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On L2Etina, you can receive L2Coins by actively streaming gameplay of our server on Twitch.tv. We hope this will bring new players to our community and make server even more populated. In order to receive rewards, you need to register your stream on your main character in game.

Click on General Menu(ALT+X) and select Twitch Rewards.


Then you will be able to register your channel. In order to do that, your stream must be currently running and its title must contain text "Etina".


When your stream is connected, you will be gettings rewards when both your stream and your characters are online.

Reward that you will receive, depends on how many viewers your stream has:

  • 0-5 viewers: No Reward
  • 6-15 viewers: 3 L2Coins per 3 Hours of streaming
  • 16-39 viewers: 3 L2Coins per 1 Hour of streaming
  • 40+ viewers: 3 L2Coins per 40 Minutes of Streaming

You can then spend L2Coins on various things that are available through donation(keep in mind that 1 euro is 10 L2Coins).

There is also time limitation during streaming. You are able to receive only rewards only for 6 hours of streaming every day.

We are aware that being generous with rewards, might encourage players to create fake streams with fake viewers. In case that happens, list of rewards will be adjusted.

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