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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. Hello. Server is now about a month old now and I think to attract new players into this server we should do as much as possible to help them make their life easier. Make Shadow D/C weapons available after finishing first and second class transfer. That would make this game easier for new comers and it would also mess with adena sellers, because there would be less need to buy adena via RMT since there would be D grd and C grd shadow weapons available. Maybe make TP's until lvl 40 half the price or free, so new players can stack up their adena and save it for C grd sets or what ever. All low rate players know, that economy lives and stays strong as long as random players or small CP's play the game, farm mobs and sell their spoils of war to bigger clans who farm more intense spots and have the abilities to spend adena on low tier mats and other stuff that solo players or mini CP's get by killing mobs. More players = Stronger economy.
  2. Emonome from Lustre clan like most of other members of this clan is a racist. Whan i be member of lustre they laugh on me, and dismiss me from clan. Before they joke on me in discord. If u know him in real life u must to know, this guy is racist!
  3. Hello fellow players and friends, Its official, since more than 20 friends and ex. enemies that respected our clan in the past requested to make a clan here in order to join and play as a team i have decided to make Clan once again! We are still working in our decisions about classes but we would like to open our doors for new players that would like to be part of our family. Keep in mind that we are not looking for casual players, we are looking for competitive players with high values and targets that willing go exp fast in order to proceed in end-game to get epics / sieges / heroes. If you are playing less than 3-4 hours per day you wont fit in the clan and you will stay behind since all of our members are experienced and in the past proved their skills and knowledge in the game. Atm we are NOT looking for US, NA etc. players (we already have and its enough to cover our "dead" hours *for now). So the classes that we are looking are the following: 1 mage cp (that will have active OL). Bishop Warcryer Elemental Summoner Gladiator Paladin Warlord SE & EE Titan (very active atleast 6-8 hours per day) The most important rule is to be able to understand / type English, be able to use Discord and TeamSpeak. Pm me in discord Dev#4492 Have fun!
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