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  1. my BROTHER WHAT IN THE NAME OF EJSUS CHRIST :))), please lets get people on the server wtf my brothers ADMIN OF L2 ETINA I SUMMON U HERE IMMEDIATLY!! REPLY PLS :DD SO MY brothers lets 1k+ online wtf is easy, am i the only one who wants this? just put ur mind to it wtf :DDDD, im logginf every day to see if i have anybody to party with and to be my brother or sister :)) but in the last days wtf ARE U ALL PARALIzED? :DD
  2. good evening my brothers:)), we meet again sooner than i expected :DDD i tried 1 min ago to convince a player that is not playing here anymore, to give me his crafter account so i can put it in offline mode, so i can pretend there are people around me :)), but he said: "i lost my password and my mail" , can somebody please tell me what does this even mean :))))) i dont think he is lying to me because he is my brother :)), but i'm really trying to understand how can one actually loose control of his account, he said he got hacked, is this even possible? :))) SO NOW I HAVE TO ASK ANYBODY WHO READS THIS :))) the fallowing: my brothers and sisters if anybody here left server and not returning back and has a crafter account, please mail me ur account in game nick BOBOBO or on discord nick spoilez#4627 i really wanna put a crafter in offline mode, crafting stuff :))) near me thank u my brothers and sisters if anybody can hear my calling from my heart towards ur hearts :)))
  3. i see many many replies to this topic, stop replying my brothers i cant answer u all :))) good morning my brothers :DD, is such a sunny day outside that i have to play l2 all day long :)), i hate the sun :DDD my brothers i dont mean to sound rude or anything but can anybody buy me premium on my char BOBOBO ? :DDD, thx very much if there is one of u who can :DD, i would really like to use global shout :))) i'm a poor guy so i cant afford spending money on video games :DD, but if there is a rich brother out there, please my brother :DDD let me shout my guts out on global chat :DDD have a great day my brothers :)), and don't forget to add me as friend if u want anything from ur brother spoiler :)))
  4. this night was the best night here so far :))) i found 2 new brothers and i played with them like mad :DD, we killed some naked chicks up a cliff in dragon valley like crazy people, one of them pushed me off the cliff :)) good night l2 cretures, good night trees, mobs, brothers, npcs, gms, dreams of joy :DDD
  5. i just recruted my first academic player in clan :)))) it seems somehow the clan leader gave me privilidges to invite people :DDD THE BROTHER I INVITED speaks spanish so is perfect :))
  6. u are the brother im talking to in alt+y no? :DD a.k.a goldstein? :DDD no?
  7. OMFG OMFGGGGGG :))), my brothers MY SISTERS I JUST BOUGHT A FP SET WITH 7KK :DDDD OMG OMG, MAY THE light of lights illuminate our path into a life full of joy or a game full of joy :))
  8. i have great news my brothers :))), i think i just made a new friend in game, a spoiler like me that also has a friend playing warcrier :DD. he told me that he is gonna be my friend because i gave him the karmian set from above :)) i usually dont believe u can buy friends with items but when u have no friends u are desperate enough to believe anything :)) well this is all for now my sisters and brothers :DD, i dont like talking to my self so who knows maybe one day this topic or this forum will be full of joy, full of people, full of smiles ;DDDD☺️
  9. jesus christ my brothers :)), a guy just mailled me 5kk :)), may the light of lights illuminate our path into a life full of joy my brother :))). the problem is i still dont have a C set :))))), and i'm stuck with a karmian set and adena :))) so if anybody has a C equipement for dwarf i trade u adena and karmian set :DDD I'M ALso looking for some C jewls my brothers :))) outside is soooo much sun, and on sunny days is impossible for me to go outside :DDD, my eyes hurt like hell in sun light :DDDD, SO IM STUCK PLAYING L2 UNTIL THE SUN DIES :)) in case some of my brothers dont know the nick of my char is BOBOBO, pm me any time my brothers and sisters, take my hand i dont let go :DDD p.s: admin please instead of captchas on my char, just come near me and talk to me my brother when u feel like pop-ing up a captcha :)))), for me any captcha = 100% fail :DD, talk to me my brother, talk to me when ever u feel like punishing me :)), good communication is the key to a great life :DD
  10. sorry i meant ""choose one of the fallowing things from bellow ""hahahaha, im so retarded :DD but now is choose from above :))),
  11. my brothers and sisters good afternoon :))), the post from above is no longer available :DD somebody mailled me a karmian set and a baby dragon :DD, thank u my brother :)) one small issue, im not a spellsinger :DD so my brothers and sisters if anybody is interested in a karmian set + baby dragon pls choose one of the fallowing things from above to trade it for :DD: 1)briga helmet 2)any C set for dwarf 3)mithril boots 4)teca boots 5)etc :))) so my brothers pls reply to me so we can make the trade p.s: if nobody replies i eventually sell it for free :))
  12. good evening my brothers and sisters :DDD i got 2 briga helm designs :DD, if anybody want them leave reply here with ur nick and i mail them to u :DD outside is a beautifull sun set my sister so im gonna enjoy it :DD stay safe my sisters and dont forget to breath :DD
  13. hello my brothers we meet again :DD if anybody has mithril boots design or the full thing pls mail them to me :DD, nick is BOBOBO thank u my brothers, have a game full of joy :DD p.s: i'm also with offline shop in giran buying them :))
  14. hello again my brothers :))), good afternoon. if anybody wants anything from a spoiler pls reply here and i mail them to u (i might not gather all u ask but nevertheless i'll send u what i have :)) ) . and ofcourse all my services are free of charge :DDD, how can i possibly take money from my brothers that raised me into this beeautiful world of l2 :)). p.s: dont forget leave ur char name and what u want :))
  15. thank u for ur kind words brother stack :))), hello again to all my brothers i cant help it not to reply to my brother stack :DD BROTHER stack, i tried begging on the streets also for about 7 days, this was my assignment at my university :)) i choose this assignment ofcourse my brother :))), the teacher gave us free hand in choosing our own assignments :DD my brothers, my children i am clan-less right now :)), who wants to take a homeless in their house? i will try not to beg so much on clan chat :)), i just finished my academy and i got a circlet :)) and i didnt even asked for it :DDD p.s: if anybody have any C items for your brother bobobo, pls mail them to him, thank u my sisters
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