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  1. no, or add herbs to all endgame zones asking for herbs in PI because he farms there lol whats next, herbs in fog?
  2. Current karma rate is retail rate and nerfing it will make server less playable for many who will be harassed. Few streamers who are getting sniped will have same experience w/e happens. People will be sniping in catacombs staying behind the walls and even x3 rate won't help streamers not drop their stuff. That's all have to say on the topic. offtopic: I was checking some of your previous posts and it's quite rare opportunity to find someone you disagree on pretty much everything. I am honored.
  3. Don't change it. In the old days there were players with perma karma on and they choose that way. It will make you think twice if PKing is worth and not just being the asshole who decides who lives and who dies because you can. Streamers can choose not to stream or add stream delay. If karma is changed, make sure it is NEVER reverted because oh boy, I will be pking a lot and no, I will not be streaming as most players do not stream.
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