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  1. Hello i think its start make shadow guns, and make advertise shadow gun on and more new players come in here, its rly not to late
  2. If you wanna farm pi make normaly good party with es. And all be fine , ofc you need sit some regen mp. Im making aoe loa/toi we rest for mp but its normaly , if you wanna pi herb , so maybe put loa/toi/fog herbs? And all mages farm nonstop without rest , like mid servers? We play here x3 low server remember it ?
  3. Its x1 , why we are not start with destro, becase x1 rb drop its low ?
  4. Ofc no, we start all with information Raid Boss drop x1 so no chance change it... its like change exp rate or aden drop when server open ... We playing low rate x3 , and all know rb drop x1 if you make x2 / x3 rb drop so every clans got fast a/s gr easy .
  5. You fck crazy? ? never herbs in Primeval.. Primeval best spot of mages for adena / level. If you put Herbs so everybody farm nonstop with full mp , dont make fucking custom server thx.
  6. We are recruiting full active organized cp destr/archer/mages And still recruiting some friends groups (half partys) Clan got goddard ch More info m in game DjPlayB0y or discord DjPlayBoy#5141
  7. Ieskomas se/ee/sorc/sph/bs/sws 60++ Daugiau info pm arba discord DjPlayBoy#5141
  8. Ieskomas x1 ee / x1 se / x2 magai / x1 es/ x1 sws. Daugiau info pm arba discord DjPlayBoy#5141
  9. Ieskomi stiprus zaidejai uz se,ee,bs,sws,necr,sph,sps. Pm discord : DjPlayBoy#5141
  10. Lf casual players for bs/se/sws/ol/prp/es Lf full active cp , mini groups more info pm.
  11. I hope no we play interlude , if wanna ol just go to clan cp and they take you to pt everytime ?
  12. Reason just shilent elder its rly shit char nobody wanna play for him but its important empower ?
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