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  1. This problem is fixed now, thanks a lot for reporting.
  2. It is caused by some third party software changing things in game client.
  3. I was talking about the buff scrolls.
  4. That would make supports useless in parties, so NO.
  5. Haste is given to characters of level 15 - 19. It works fine.
  6. Hi, There is, use shift+click.
  7. - You can now receive D-Grade coupons for completing first class transfer - Fixed issue with cloak wings sometimes disappearing. - Added new accessories to Beauty Shop. - Added further improvements to captcha. - Account Panel now allows you to write character name that will receive L2Coins. - Fixed recharge of items you can purchase in clan halls. - Fixed issue with monsters teleporting to target when woke up. - Added further fixes to fear skills. - You can now send mail every 5 seconds instead of every minute. - Corrected position of Premium Chat Box, when system message window is hidden. - Festival of Darkness score is no longer registered automatically, you need to do it by talking to Festival Guide. - Registration to Festival of Darkness is now open every 20 minutes instead of being available all the time. - Completely reworked Festival of Darkness.
  8. L2Etina

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    It's fixed now, thanks for reporting.
  9. He was jailed, because he wasn't AFK and yet he didn't try to complete it. Jail time won't be lowered.
  10. No, forum account is different than game account. Send me message on discord with login that you are using in game.
  11. People voted for the current setting, so no.
  12. If you see incorrect password message, then either your password is incorrect or you are using incorrect account name. Make sure to create your game account in https://acp.l2etina.com
  13. Without more information, it's not possible to help you.
  14. This feature is now implemented, though we have changed colors a bit. Thanks for voting everyone.
  15. This issue should be fixed now, thanks for reporting.
  16. This issue should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting.
  17. This issue is fixed now, thanks a lot for reporting.
  18. Take a look at our latest update. You will need to download latest client files, by either using updater or by downloading them from https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fhWA1BtsQ2ncUy83xgo0L3prUZuucl08/view?usp=sharing - Fixed chance of breaking stun debuff. - Added multiple improvements to captcha. - Added winged cloaks to Beauty Shop. - Added armor enchant effect. - Buff Stores can now sell Recharge and set individual price for it. - You no longer receive water damage while answering captcha. - Fixed few issues of Fear skill effect. - Increased delay between Premium Chat messages. - Lowered land rate of Silence. - Added potential fix for Solar Flare freezes. - Changes to npc & summon speed is now correctly visible. - Buff Store window is now automatically closed if player tries to buy buff by outdated price. - Position of Premium Chat box is now adjusted when system message window is resized. - Removed few unreachable items from Item Search. - When Triol's Layperson leaves his territory, he no longer forgets attacker just to return to spawn. - Fixed issue with quest items not being given due to invalid inventory capacity. - Clarity and similar skills now affect mp consumption of buff stores. - Guardian of the Holy Land is no longer aggressive. - Fixed issue with summon name sometimes being displayed in green color. - When summon received stun or other block during attack, he will continue attacking when debuff is over. - Fixed issue with being unable to progress in The Whishing Potion quest. - Clan name and unit is now shown in clan invitation. - Fixed visual look of few accessories. - Removed limit of how many quest items you can have in A Powerful Primeval Creature quest. - Fixed geodata issue in Crypts of Disgrace. - You can now get Divine Gloves from Warehouse Keeper's Pastime. - Fixed issue with angels in Tower of Insolence sometimes not reviving. - Fixed description of few items. - Fixed issue with Item Search tabs sometimes not responding.
  19. This issue should be fixed now. Please try to login again.
  20. This will be implemented tomorrow. Thank you for suggestion ?
  21. It's a bit too late for those.
  22. At this point you should get PC ban. You were already banned on ANALICA, impz and Coarse. Today when impz was banned, you were saying that you don't know character you were tested with and that you met him in party matching. How someone could possibly fall for that, when you had the same IP and the same master account?
  23. Captcha fail doesn't lead to ban. Being AFK also doesn't lead to ban. What you write and when is evaluated and in case of your character, it was clear that you have dual box. Spreading bullshit on the forum that you didn't do anything wrong, won't help you get your character back.
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