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  1. This problem is fixed now, thanks a lot for reporting.
  2. It is caused by some third party software changing things in game client.
  3. I was talking about the buff scrolls.
  4. That would make supports useless in parties, so NO.
  5. Haste is given to characters of level 15 - 19. It works fine.
  6. Hi, There is, use shift+click.
  7. - You can now receive D-Grade coupons for completing first class transfer - Fixed issue with cloak wings sometimes disappearing. - Added new accessories to Beauty Shop. - Added further improvements to captcha. - Account Panel now allows you to write character name that will receive L2Coins. - Fixed recharge of items you can purchase in clan halls. - Fixed issue with monsters teleporting to target when woke up. - Added further fixes to fear skills. - You can now send mail every 5 seconds instead of every minute. - Corrected position of Premium Chat Box, when system message window is hidden. - Festival of Darkness score is no longer registered automatically, you need to do it by talking to Festival Guide. - Registration to Festival of Darkness is now open every 20 minutes instead of being available all the time. - Completely reworked Festival of Darkness.
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    It's fixed now, thanks for reporting.
  9. He was jailed, because he wasn't AFK and yet he didn't try to complete it. Jail time won't be lowered.
  10. No, forum account is different than game account. Send me message on discord with login that you are using in game.
  11. People voted for the current setting, so no.
  12. If you see incorrect password message, then either your password is incorrect or you are using incorrect account name. Make sure to create your game account in https://acp.l2etina.com
  13. Without more information, it's not possible to help you.
  14. This feature is now implemented, though we have changed colors a bit. Thanks for voting everyone.
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